Hp Compatible Ink 351XL (CB338EE) Color 21ml

Manufacturer OEM
Product SKU:  00629-351
Product Availability:   In stock
21 ml
Compatible for Hp InkJet DeskJet D4260, Hp InkJet Deskjet D4360, Hp InkJet OfficeJet J5700, Hp InkJet Officejet , Hp InkJet OfficeJet J5780, Hp InkJet OfficeJet J5783, Hp InkJet OfficeJet J5785, Hp InkJet Officejet J6410, Hp InkJet Officejet J6424, Hp InkJet Officejet J6480, Hp InkJet PhotoSmart C4270, Hp InkJet PhotoSmart C4280, Hp InkJet PhotoSmart C4380, Hp InkJet PhotoSmart C4385, Hp InkJet Photosmart C4480, Hp InkJet Photosmart C4580, Hp InkJet PhotoSmart C5270, Hp InkJet PhotoSmart C5280, Hp InkJet PhotoSmart D5360
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